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Hello Everyone!
In the month of April it was announced that our old server Ethereal-MC was no longer going to be supported in lieu of a new project, DawnCraft.
Now the time has come for DawnCraft's release!

DawnCraft will release on April 30, 2022 at 1:00PM EST
SERVER DISCORD: discord.gg/dawncraft

I am excited to announce this new chapter for our community and am both hopeful and confident that we will be able to make it as memorable as Ethereal-MC. I want to start off by thanking everyone who took part of Ethereal-MC. Ethereal-MC was meant to be a test server so I could gather data and learn how to set up a proper server but instead the server absolutely exploded. The memories made and all the fun we had will forever hold a spot in my heart and I want to thank you all again for that.

Moving onto DawnCraft I want to first announce what all will be kept during this reset.

Donator Ranks will carry over onto DawnCraft.
Divine Relics will be refunded overtime on DawnCraft.
Cosmetic Purchases will carry over onto DawnCraft.

Other than that everything has been reset, in-game ranks, worlds, etc...

Now let's look at the major changes coming to DawnCraft now that I have had some experience with setting up a server. These major changes are meant to set a strong foundation for DawnCraft that I believe will can be easily added to or modified if needed.

DawnCraft Major Changes:

All custom items and player data can be edited at any point. For example let's say an item is deemed to powerful I can edit it and have it automatically update without players needing to have it manually replaced. This is going to be a very powerful tool going forward.

Season and resets have a whole new meaning on DawnCraft. Seasons will now serve as a way to introduce new content into the server. There will be four seasons each year each with their own unique themed name. The first season is going to be called Season of the Arrival and with it there will be a seasonal Craftpass, seasonal questline, seasonal items, seasonal rewards and much much more. Resets in the sense of entire wipes are going to be a thing of the past. As announced above all custom items and player data can be edited at any point. This will will make it so that when a reset is needed I will simply nerf the old items and bring on the new items.

Ecoskills is going to be replacing McMMO. Ecoskills will still provide that RPG experience we all know and love from McMMO just in a much better way. There will still be skills for you to unlock and enhance as you level up but there are also going to be stats. These stats are Health, Defense, Strength, Crit. Damage, Crit. Chance, Speed, Wisdom and Ferocity. These stats will allow for a whole new level of customization to the server as it is mainly PvE focused.

Dungeons are going to be replacing Strikes. They are the exact same thing just with a more fitting name. Dungeons are still a work in progress at the moment but are expected to receive a major revamp sometime in June. Dungeons will be going hand in hand with the stats players will be able to achieve from EcoSkills and there will be a lot of customization from Dungeon difficulty to mechanics and much much more. Not only that Dungeons will also have story and lore added to them giving them even greater meaning. The update for this and an announcement post on this is planned for sometime in June so if that excites you stay tuned!

Pyrofishing has been added to DawnCraft. This plugin redefines what fishing is in Minecraft. There is a lot to this plugin so it will be best to check it out on the server itself but to give you a preview. There are now custom fish that can be caught at all times, these fish can then be sold or gutted. Selling fish will reward you with money as gutting fish will rewarded you with items and entropy. With these items and entropy you can then level up your Pyrofishing skills and create augments that can then be put on your fishing rod. These augments do all sorts of powerful things such as increasing your fish catch rate, increase the amount of fish you catch and much more. This is just a glimpse of what this plugin has to offer.

Quests have received a revamp going into DawnCraft. There will still be the same old random Daily and Weekly Quests but there will now also be Monthly Quests. These quests have also increased in difficulty so to say to have them live a little bit more up to their names. Not only that more quest types are planned for the future such as Dungeon Quests, Season Quests, World Quests and Misc. Quests.

The server texture pack is no longer going to be required. I noticed on Ethereal-MC that this was very off putting to many players and even caused new players to leave immediately upon joining. Since the texture pack is no longer required and players can choose to use it, this will help to nullify this issue. All custom items have been made separate Minecraft items so if you do choose to play without the texture pack you will be able to easily distinguish what items are what. Not only that since players can choose to have it not enabled they can join the server quicker since they will no longer have to download the texture pack every time they join.

Lastly, the server is going to be supporting both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. This is still a work in progress as there are many bugs and such that have to be ironed out before I want to officially release it to Bedrock but from my testing it is evident that these bugs will be ironed out in the upcoming week. The server will remain as a Java edition focused server first.

This just about covers all of the major changes coming to DawnCraft. If you would like more details on every change major and minor please join our Discord linked above.

I hope all of this change will bring on a new era of the server making it even more popular and enjoyed by even more players this time around.
Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement post and I hope to see you on DawnCraft!