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Server Rules

These rules are in place to provide a safe and stable environment for all players within the community.
Please take the time to become familiar with these rules to prevent any possible violations that would result in action taken towards your account.

The resulting actions for violating the rules include but are not limited to:
Warns, mutes, bans and account wipes.

Please note:
These rules are subject to change at any moment without notice.
DawnCraft holds the right to remove players from the server for any reason.



1. Use common sense.

2. Do not take advantage of new players.

3. Do not build anything inappropriate.

4. Do not cause drama.


1. Do not use cheats of any kind.
- Cheats and exploits are defined as anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.
- Some examples of cheats are autoclickers, autofisher, autominer, x-ray, chestesp, playeresp, etc...
- A good rule of thumb is that if it is not apart of the vanilla client, Lunar Client or Badlion Client,
ask a staff member first before using it.

2. Do not use exploits of any kind.
- Some examples of exploits are duplication, bypassing a cooldown, being able to do something
that you're not suppose to be able to do, etc...
- In the event that an exploit is discovered please report it to staff and do not abuse it.


1. Do not advertise other servers.
- This includes mentioning a server's name.

2. Keep global chat appropriate.
- Do not talk about sensitive subjects such as politics, religion, war, etc...
- Do not use profanity excessively.
- Do not complain about other players.
- English is the only language allowed in global chat.

3. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc... is not allowed.

4. Do not ask for or use anyone's personal information.

5. Do not threaten other players with real-life threats.
- Examples of real-life threats are threats of violence, ddosing, doxxing, etc...

6. Do not beg other players for items or money.


1. Do not destroy anything that has been built by another player.

2. Do not steal anything from another player.
- If you somehow become in possession of another player's items you must return them upon request.

3. Do not scam other players.

4. Do not use another player's mob grinders unless given permission.

5. Do not use another player's farms unless given permission.


1. Do not use more than three accounts on the server, this is tracked by IP.
- This means you can use your main account and two alt accounts.
- If you are not the only player from your IP please notify staff so that your IP will be made an exception.
- This means you and the other player from your IP will be allowed to each use two alt accounts.

2. Do not use inappropriate skins or have an inappropriate username.

3. Do not evade punishments with alt accounts.

4. You are only allowed to use your main account for events.


1. Spawner grinders may not exceed a four chunk area with up to 20 spawners.

2. Do not use more than one spawner grinder at a time.

3. Do not use any sort of automatic farms for McMMO skills.

4. Do not use any sort of automatic farms for Jobs.


  • Do not claim within the size of /towny map big of another town.

  • If asked to leave the premises of a town you must do so.

  • Towns may have their own town rules as long as they do not conflict with the server rules.

  • Inactive town members can be removed after seven days and their belongings will be forfeited to the town mayor.
    If you plan on going inactive for longer than seven days please notify your town's mayor and keep screenshots of
    this notification along with screenshots of your belongings.

  • Inactive town mayors can be removed after twenty days and the town mayor status will be moved to a selected
    town assistant.



1. Do not leech rewards in Dungeons.
- This means being in the Dungeon but not helping to complete it.

2. Do not lure Dungeon enemies into safe areas.
- This means a spot where you can still attack the enemy but they can not attack you.

3. Do not attempt to or complete Dungeons in anyway other than the intended way.