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Vote for DawnCraft
Voting is a great way to support the server and to earn free rewards for yourself. When you vote for the server it increases the server's standing on that website. The higher the server's standing the more people will see it and join the server.

Voting rewards per vote:
$1000, 1 Vote Crate Key and 4hrs of  KeepInventory.

By voting all 6 times you will earn 24 hours of KeepInventory.
This will ensure that as long as you vote while you play you can never lose items to death.

You can vote via these links:

https://bit.ly/3vbZwwC | https://bit.ly/2ZBxayZ | https://bit.ly/3w1yEOH
https://bit.ly/34UJUmy | https://bit.ly/3mrUSWQ | https://bit.ly/3pSxPH4